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“Minor Prophet Studio is so conducive to creativity and Eddie has a wonderful ear and kind spirit. Plus, he’s very respectful and knowledgeable about music.”
– Cara Jean Wahlers [Singer/songwriter: Goodnight Charlotte]

” After 17 years the CD is still very powerful and I still do many songs from it when I minister today. Eddie P can help you finish strong.”
– Colts Chaplain Ken Johnson

“When I brought my band into the studio, I had no knowledge of what all went into making a professional recording. I put some blind trust in Eddie Prather and I’m glad I did. As we worked together, Eddie became much more than a studio owner and sound engineer. His hospitality, production ideas, technical expertise, and incredible “ear” for what is and is not music enabled me to come away with a CD that far surpassed all of my expectations.” I am proud to say that I recorded my CD with Eddie Prather at Minor Prophet Studio.
– David J Burkhard: Random Harvest

Every recording that I have been a part of at Minor Prophet Studios, to this day, I am most proud of.
Having the chance to work in a “Real” studio, in the Indianapolis area, that has all the buzzer’s and whistles of an L.A.or
New York studio speaks volume to me!
Eddie Prather is a not just an Sound Engineer, he is a Musicians best friend while you record.
When you want it to sound Pro — M.P.S. Is the place to go!!
– Rusty Scutt [School Boy Crush]

“Three words come to mind when I think of Minor Prophet Studio; Quality. Experience. Value. YOUR music matters to you. If you’re looking for a studio that is quiet and full of top-of-the-line gear that only the “BEST” in music have used. All engineered by someone with years of experience and a heart to make you sound stellar without robbing you of hard earned money; Minor Prophet is the right choice.”
– Joe Banua [CCM singer /songwriter]

Minor Prophet is one of the best equipped recording studios I have ever worked in. It has the perfect blend of vintage equipment and new state of the art recording tools to make any project its best. The facility is spacious and well laid out to accommodate both large and small groups. More then this though, Eddie Prather brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of recording and music production.
– Mike Brown [Mojo Gumbo]

I’d need more than a few sentences to describe what a great time I had doing my album at M.P.S. The atmosphere… equipment… hospitality… and , of course, Eddies vast knowledge and insight in making a great record was a wonderful blessing for me. I’d recommend M.P.S. To anyone looking to put the music in their hearts on to disc…. And to be satisfied that what is on the disc is what they heard in their hearts.
– Craig Watson: vocalist/songwriter… ruffcutt, Roadmaster, U.4.E.A.

“You’ve done a great job with this studio. It sounds great and you have all of the elements of making music here under one roof. All the vintage instruments, the 2 inch machine for analog warmth… Plus, the job you did producing Great American Novel and Sweet Song of Salvation had never been done right [until now!].
Thanks Eddie
– Larry Norman [Father of Contemporary Christian Music]

“Minor Prophet Studio Rocks! Thanks for everything. Psalm 150
– Darrell Mansfield [major label blues harpist/artist]

Recording at Minor Prophet Studio with Eddie Prather is a rewarding
Experience in several ways.
Eddie has created such a comfortable environment to record in that you
Always feel “at home” and relaxed during a project.
Eddie is so easy to work with, always going the extra mile to help
You capture what you want musically, or even going the DISTANCE in the
Unusual task of recording my book on CD! His patience was amazing
During this arduous process of listening to me read my entire book,
Editing, adding music, and helping create a wonderul final product that
I am very happy with.
The Wright Brothers recorded our biggest project at Eddies in
2004, “A Tribute to America’s Music; a two CD set of everthing from the
Big Band Era to Bill Monroe, to Jefferson Starship songs. Eddie helped
Us finish this project under budget and put so much extra time in for
Working with Eddie as a professional engineer and producer is
Great, but getting to know him as a friend has been the added bonus
Through our years of recording together. I highly recommend Minor
Prophet Studio to anyone looking for this type of recording atmosphere
And great experience while purusing their dream.
– Tim Wright [Wright Brothers]

“Eddie, You Rock!!!
– Randy Stonehill [Legendary CCM singer/songwriter]

“Why do I like working with Eddie? A guy who really loves organic music, gets songwriters, welcomes spontaneity, AND has a great studio… What more do you need?”
– Luke Austin Daugherty

“Nice place to record and a wonderful experience! Eddie makes you feel right at home.”
– Kel Winton [artist/music guy at John Knox Presby]

“Working with Eddie at Minor Prophet was an opportunity that was first mentioned to me by a musician friend of mine who had done several sessions there. From our first meeting and planning session of discussing our goals and expectations, I felt like I had a true partner in the process of making our music the best it could be in every way possible. Through suggesting ideas for song structure, tracking, and editing, it was a blessing having someone like Eddie truly into and connected with the heart of our music. From a songwriter’s standpoint it’s nice to have another artist to discuss creative ideas and suggestions with. I felt like the input, I received, was very valuable and constructive while still feeling that I always had the freedom to have the ‘final say’ on any decisions we made. The band and I have been writing since our first project was completed and we are anxious about getting back into the studio with Eddie. All of us are looking forward to many more sessions together with Eddie at the console, recording, producing, mixing, and mastering.”
– Tom Haulter: Younger Than Noah

“Eddie, Thank you. It was great to work with you!”
– Steve Camp [CCM mainstay singer/songwriter]

“For Eddie… Thanks so much for all the great sonic support. Matthew 5:16
– Bob Bennett [Acoustic guitar virtuoso/songwriter]

You said: You’re going to help us”… Sure glad you did & thanks for doing a great job while we were here”
– Matthew Ward & Annie Herring [Second Chapter of Acts]

Eddie Prather’s Minor Prophet Studio has the warm and caring atmosphere that is a rare thing in the recording studio world. Eddie will go out of his way to ensure that the artists and projects are treated with extreme care and professionalism. The Studio itself has top of the line equipment and Mr. Prather has the inventive and creative musical mind to produce outstanding material! It is always a pleasure to visit and record at MInor Prophet!!
– Frank Bradford: Artist & Producer

“Minor Prophet Studio offered me an acoustically fabulous environment for capturing and creating sounds. I have appreciated Eddie’s commitment over the years to constantly develop the studio equipment-wise, as well as aesthetically. It’s impossible not to notice the warm hospitality there, the ability Eddie has to meet you where you are as both a musician and person, and his experience with gear and technology, old and new.”
– Jonas Miller/Few Small Fish

“Occasionally I listen to my own records. I figure if I didn’t want to listen to them, nobody else would either. Tonight while driving back from Tulsa, I was reminded of the excellent musicianship that went into Picking the Faith. That includes the outstanding engineering, editing and mixing done by Eddie Prather at Minor Prophet Studio.”
– Dean Phelps